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tv   Headline News  RT  November 3, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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agni can i. my mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story a pakistani family talks started after al whining to the u.s. congress the full horror of a cia drone strike. e.u. officials head to washington hoping to on earth the truth about america's spying program which millions of europeans have found themselves targeted by but it's worse for obama not to have you know who's running the show the country's leadership seems to be unclear on what its national security agency is doing as we report later. the syrian government dismantles its chemical production facilities but the disarmament process hangs in the balance as some rebel groups continue to defy the deal. there's no honor in the future it's nice there's
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nothing really bad about here before it's passed on the news we move or created. the smiles of the u.s. military officers mask the painful force feeding detainees that one ton of obey our reports from behind the barbed wire. or welcome to the weekly this sunday here in our team with me and you so now a top stories in a week and a look back at the week's most important stories putting a human face to america's so-called war on terror in pakistan a family of drone strike victims testified in front of congress this week having lost their grandmother in what was reported as a persistent strike on militants they asked lawmakers why the u.s.
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targeted their home or he's going to can was at the emotional briefing. this was the first time actual victims of u.s. drone strikes were in congress and apart from the congressman who initiated this briefing i saw only four other members of congress it's no secret the u.s. congress generally approves of growth strikes so it's very difficult to expect a sudden change of heart even though heart was what these drone victims were appealing through on appeal were twenty fourth of last year a u.s. drone strike left this pakistani family devastated the nine year old girl and her thirteen year old brother nearly escaped death that day their sixty seven year old grandmother was killed while picking vegetables in the garden. i no longer love blue skies i prefer the gray skies the drones do not fly when this kinds agree and for a short period of time the mental time and fear eases but when this kind of run the drones return and so does the fear you know this family has never been abroad out of their home in north waziristan and the father of this family said he looked at
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the life around here. he wished his children too would be able to walk the streets not afraid of being bombed that any moment. my mother was killed my children were injured i'm so glad that people are going to hear our story that's why we came to america they have no idea why our village in my house was talking to. the family came to washington of course hoping to get answers to why they have to live in fear every day i have no idea why my grandmother was killed when the drone hate i was outside with my grandmother everything became dark i was scared so i started to run then i noticed my hand was bleeding so i tried to clean my hand but not kept coming out but i was very scared so i just kept running. we also learned that the u.s. government did not grant to the lawyer of this family prominent practice any lawyer who has sued the cia in the past on behalf of the victims of drone strikes in
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pakistan four hundred fifty thousand population of. users. the concentration. on the work trying to glue to show on has long been for someone driving. s.u.v.s but this is dog and at the same time do in order to be in a position to leave you the purpose of this briefing was to put a human face to drone strikes there is therefore a chance that in congress the tragedy of this family will fall on deaf ears but there is hope that the public notice in washington i'm going to check out more on the b.b. was among the up to nine hundred civilian fatalities estimated by rights groups since drone strikes in pakistan began in two thousand and four and on this day international report published last week that these i'm awful can't killings could amount to war crimes activists brian becker agrees if nothing shocks the conscience
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of the congress like this nothing ever will we see that this is a criminal action by the us government those drone pilots who carried out the direct violent deaths of the sixty seven year old grandmother they should be arrested and so should their superiors it's not acceptable for a lawless a program like the drone attacks the targeted killings of people all over the world by the united states government unilaterally deciding who lives and who dies it's not acceptable to have a series of analysts a partial apologies or compensations for the people they call collateral damage the program is inherently criminal it's outside the laws of the international community it's outside the un charter the united states' government is the only government in the world that dares to irrigate to itself the right to carry out targeted assassinations of whoever it decides should be killed. and coming up later in the program striking down the peace process a u.s.
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drone attack kills a top taliban leader who is poised to hold talks with the pakistani government. and the world's first ever big coin a.t.m. open this week in vancouver as canadians start swapping digital codes for cash we look at why global users are turning to the unstable cyber currency. but first a group of angry e.u. officials have been spending this week in washington d.c. seeking the truth about america's global surveillance operations europe has stress repeatedly that spying is not what friends and allies do and such activities will not be tolerated germany sent its own delegation to the white house to investigate the revelations the u.s. chancellor merkel's phone mounting questions and criticism have pushed president obama to launch a review of the country's intelligence operations and it seems europeans weren't the only ones kept in the dark over the n.s.a. practices. secretary of state john kerry claims both he and president obama weren't
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aware of some of the things the n.s.a. did saying the agency ran certain operations on autopilot since they have the technology and ability to do stow contrast this with a statement by the n.s.a. chief keith alexander who said his agency is told who despite by policymakers alexander pointed out that u.s. ambassadors were also among those ordering the snooping ray mcgovern who worked as a cia officer under seven different us administration says if president obama really didn't know what the n.s.a. was doing it would raise many important questions. i think in many ways it's worse for obama not to have known who's who's running the show and where does the buck stop so equally bad is that he knew or he didn't and now this backfilling and this real vendetta between the n.s.a. chiefs who are shown to be very fast and loose with the truth. alexander for one
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and then clapper who. was the head of the intelligence apparatus who is it made it to lying to the congress felony that there to sort of try to defend themselves by telling everyone they told the president every i don't know whom to believe because both sides have been very sparing with the truth. and in search for the truth about america spying germany's reached out to the person behind the global scandal edward snowden a green party m.p. has met with the fugitive whistleblower in moscow to discuss his assistance in a potential investigation into the n.s.a.'s operations he says the words of the u.s. can no longer be trusted. i think it's important to work together with mr snowden rather than putting him in prison we'd like more clarity on these allegations and we want to make sure something like this doesn't happen again snowden worked for many years for the cia and n.s.a. so i'm sure he can tell us everything we need to know about the leaked documents
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because as we've seen the n.s.a. has been very scarce with providing information i also think that the organization including n.s.a. chief keith alexander aren't always being truthful they once claimed they'll never break german laws on their surveillance operations but tapping the chancellor's phone is not legal that's why i have trouble trusting u.s. intelligence officials. now the lawyer who's been helping our snowden in his attempts to avoid u.s. prosecution explained why has client will have difficulties aiding german officials despite his willingness to help. of course edward snowden can't leave russia because he's got refugee status here and if he travels to a different country he loses it so if germany has any questions for mr snowden is could be resolved through treaties exist between germany and russia and edward wouldn't have to travel there to testify the level of danger is still hard we hear
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comments from the u.s. government almost on a daily basis edward is still on the wanted list we've done everything possible to ensure his security but as far as surveillance and wiretapping goes i wouldn't comment on that because those who have been following the situation around snowden know what u.s. intelligence is capable of. you can always get more updates videos and expert analysis on the n.s.a. scandal on our website r.t. dot com president putin's press secretary has reiterated that while he remains on russian soil the over fugitive whistleblower is free to talk to whoever he wants regarding germany's investigation and what the other side of the conflict have to say on that r.t. dot com. the chemical disarmament of syria reached its first milestone this week as the conflict stricken country successfully dismantled most of its active toxin production facility if two sites couldn't be reached by inspectors due to heavy fighting in those areas of syria it now has two weeks to
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agree with the world's chemical weapons watchdog on a roadmap to destroying all of its remaining toxic agents holes to report from damascus dangerous and dirty that's how the nobel prize committee described the work of chemical weapons inspectors inside syria not to mention a brutally tight deadline october twenty five damascus provides a detailed plan of its chemical weapons stockpiles done october twenty seven foreign inspectors visited all declared sites missed. syria finishes destroying all equipment used in the production and mixing of poison gas and nerve agents done we eliminate. whatever we can but you know this is a very complicated the process complications filled by so called security concerns and that's the reason why one deadline already has been missed one of the biggest problems the team faces is how to access sites in rebel controlled areas so far the
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rebels have been unwilling to cooperate foreign inspectors have managed to visit twenty one of twenty three sites and although they haven't verbally blamed the rebels damascus insists it's doing its share until now. those. sites being visited are under government control and we hope those who are controlling. the group still them to implement what they are expected to implement it's the most difficult mission if undertaken by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons destroying a country's chemical weapons stockpile in the midst of a civil war. syria actually stopped producing chemical weapons in one thousand nine hundred eight as a possessed alternatives that can be a strategic substitution and are not in conflict with international law but none of this answers the reason why foreign inspectors are in damascus in the first place a chemical attack on august twenty first in which hundreds of people were killed
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off two rockets with sarin gas were fired at damascus as suburbs those responsible are still at large the next deadline in the destruction of syria's chemical weapons program is the middle of next year by then damascus must have destroyed or removed its entire stockpile and ambitious timeline in very difficult circumstances policy r.t. damascus. spokesman of the chemical weapons watchdog told us earlier they have a tough job on their hands in syria but have already made great progress towards complete disarmament. we're doing a lot better than a lot of people would have expected. and right now it's a little bit early to speculate on the arrangements that are going to be made to get on with the destruction of the stockpile as it's been speculated on publicly some of that stockpile may have to be moved out of the country to a safer location where it can be destroyed using you know incineration or hydro
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visitations some method that's used to destroy chemical weapons agent but as we're not there yet we'll have more details on after the fifteenth of the windows when this fine of destruction and provided can come. we've got plenty more international stories coming up after this break. do you think your argument about a turd came bearing that prodigious example of a muslim democracy that was able to separate the it's really age and from its economy still can be applied to these day that's a fair point what i spoke about in the book was how ways gokey had done so being accompanied by sticky said make you go away with hyperinflation and very valid die you go with the tide so it seems so much economic success and i think that was great but the problem there is of course they do want to be did they use and to do it has changed he now has become much more to talk to do you this story does any
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criticism and no bad annoyed. on november the fifth more than four hundred cities around the globe are hosting mass rallies for serious justice and freedom. followed million mask march on our t.v. and our t.v. dot com. welcome back here with our team at live from moscow more than a dozen detainees continue their hunger strike at guantanamo bay prison in protest over being held indefinitely without charge most of them are being force fed in a manner described by human rights groups as torture but the u.s. military continues to defend the controversial practices on the thoughts of chirk
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on the reports from inside the notorious center. guantanamo every morning at eight am the u.s. national anthem erupts across the base that holds america's most scandalous prison no one likes to be spit on no one wants to have their own torture hunger strikes and suicides have marred this place since two thousand and two and they're human beings after all there's no reason to expect that they enjoy being here you know we pretend otherwise prisoners held indefinitely in the name of the never ending war on terror where the innocent or guilty is not our job right now we have the court system to time and that in just over a decade a total of seven hundred seventy nine prisoners the majority released without charges today one hundred sixty four remain over half of them cleared for release but still kept locked up. on the other side of the barbed wire.
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life is a blast. and water and ice. and i hear just like any common american town now is awfully scared to come here but i mean it's absolutely beautiful place when you get around other stuff getting around the other stuff is not hard a lot of what goes on here is kept under a thick veil of denial and secrecy delta house is a hospital and library and this is also a place where patients are force fed and even though the hunger strike is largely and officially said to be over we know that at least fifteen people are continually being force fed here today the tube is passed down through a person's nostril and pushed all the way down to their stomach before it's passed down the nose we lubricate it and we. they want to have the key which is the agent it will numb the area or if they want olive oil to lubricate the tube. most of our patients have been using olive oil you seem to like it
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in fact some of our patients are so used to this they will. described which nostril they want this while major world medical bodies are in agreement that force feeding is not ethical and should not be practiced the force feeding them i've got my clients have experienced at one time or they've certainly described it as torture the restraint chair that they're strapped into they actually call the torture chair an arabic force feeding takes up to forty five minutes and is performed twice a day the pieces that had the civilian world have said it feel strange i've never heard insisting on. i have not heard that good move fishes are beyond nonchalant about the highly criticized practice you might feel differently from the way i might feel uncomfortable has been the most of it i have heard but they don't even believe in what they're saying anymore because they know it sounds stupid i volunteer that the procedure be demonstrated on me request declined the prisoners
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who've not met one another and speak different languages keep saying the same thing that we were tortured used. tied. to the chair legs to the ground they. struck across and they forced in a tube into our noses never in thirteen years have detainees been allowed to speak directly to a journalist while remaining at get most only leaking statements through lawyers they would love nothing more than to sit down with journalists and just tell them you know about their daily lives but communicating seems to only occur here if someone was a point where maybe they had been verbalizing a lot of hopelessness we were immediately intervening and trying to assist that person to make sure that there wasn't any thoughts of maybe wanting to harm themselves or in their lives with charts like these often used to pinpoint patients despair you asked them how do you feel right now and they'll be able to point to it we have not had a patient in this area. thank heavens meanwhile six suicides and dozens of suicide
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attempts have taken place at the detention facility we haven't seen any autopsies the u.s. government hasn't released any formal reports or findings we're now outside two active camps at guantanamo camp five full single cells where the so-called less compliant detainees are held camp number six is one filled with communal cells when officials deem that detainees have behaved better there will be warded by being allowed to live in groups while detainees are kept away from us what we witness are clean empty prison cells with cozy pajamas colgate toothpaste and maximum security shampoos paraded in front of journalists as proof everything is so much better here than any silly horror stories we all have heard and r t one ton of cuba a single u.s. drone strike has destabilized the entire peace process in pakistan it killed the leader of the country's taliban a group who had been prepared to enter talks security forces are on high alert
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across the country over fears of a militant reprisal on local expert told us the pakistani people will end up paying the price for the us attack the prime minister of pakistan was in washington d.c. only back and he had spoken to president obama taking them into confidence regarding the dialogue process and it also made a request for the drone attacks to stop because we. had made it a precondition but the drone attacks must come to an end before they come to the dialogue be able but instead of the drone attacks being stop big continued so i need body who is going to suffer or it is going to be the people of pakistan not the us the united states does not have the right to be judge jury and executor all rolled into one without any authority. the french government's proposed eco tax has become something of a ticking bomb with thousands hitting the streets calling for its immediate scrapping.
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in the french region of britannia violence erupted between protesters and security forces over the new measure tear gas and water cannons were used to break up the crowds that fought back with rocks and bottles the eco tax imposes levies on trucks way more than three and a half tons but it's splendid amid mounting anger it would only drive complaint out of business. the man suspected of carrying out a gun attack at los angeles international airport has been charged with murder prosecutors say the death penalty could be sought for policy in syria who stormed a terminal on friday killed the security guard and wounded several others even while the airport is back to operating normally now after the chaos which saw more than a thousand flights delayed or canceled. in northern yemen four days of conflict between rival muslim clowns have killed fifty five people that's according to
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a spokesman one of the groups earlier in the week shiite rebels attacked the town of no mas which is held by their rivals the country's army said a cease fire came into effect friday yet the bloodshed. on tuesday bitcoins first ever a.t.m. went live clients in the canadian city of vancouver can now swap their digital currency for real cash but what exactly is bitcoin and how can you turn a computer code into physical money. well basically it's a currency used for online transactions and to use it clients set up where wallets hiding their names behind a digital code banks middlemen and tax agencies are all left out reducing fees but the pavement can still be traced next you choose whether to shop online using bitcoins or selling them for any official currency such as the dollar or euro coins are collected through a process called mining which is basically
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a chain of computers cracking codes and getting coins in exchange but it's not all plain sailing last month the f.b.i. shot shut down the online black market silk road seizing nearly three hundred thirty i should say rather million dollars worth of bitcoins my colleague kevin owen spoke about this to michael's meter from the bitcoin exchange store in vancouver. i think it definitely has the potential to be revolutionary it basically gets your cash into a digital form where you can send it around the world instantly with no middleman what do the authorities think about it i mean there's an element of course there's been a worry that it's going to be transparent untraceable dodgy dealings could be done with it what are you doing to cope. we've got any money laundering policy in place where we limit users to three thousand dollars per day every transaction you make is recorded on the public ledger your name is attached to it but if somebody wants to find out who was making that transaction it can be done the silk road is
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a perfect example of the shutting down the silk road that was they could be screwy the black market e.-bay and actually shut that down which is actually a very good thing for the currency as a whole as a lot of you will associate the associated press corps in just directly with the silk road and so since it's been shut down the currency did dip about ten percent for both twelve hours and since then people realise that it's not just about the black market and it's actually a legitimate currency and it's actually gone up one hundred percent since then. vikas next here on r t with worlds apart.
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the office of civil rights in the city of seattle washington has told city employees that certain terms may not be used in official emails and discussions according to google fox news these terms would be brown bag and citizen ninety nine percent of americans when they hear the expression brown bag think of taking a nice healthy lunch you know in a brown paper bag to work with themselves but in a politically correct insanity land these words are an obvious reminder of the days when a person's skin color was compared to a brown paper bag to determine race well if any were even remotely linked to an incident of racism needs to be banned then we've got to get rid of the word blanket because they gave the native americans disease still blankets to kill them i and they bought their land with beads so we've got to get rid of that word to remember the separate drinking fountains and segregated buses based on race in america yes so we can't say those words anymore either or we might just possibly remember something bad which could lead to the ultimate horror of the modern western world unpleasant thoughts we see a lot of western countries the term citizen becoming offensive because it makes
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resident foreigners legal or illegal feel like second class people well compared to actual citizens legally you kind of are if you're offended that you are not treated as a citizen of seattle why not assimilate become a citizen of the united states join the team but that's just my opinion. but if your political life should be based on the faith i despise you. pleasure to have you with us here on q. today on researcher.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart one thing in common between fund managers and fashionistas is that preoccupation with chance then i'm just we're all about the fact that the two thousand staff and today having for marching markets especially the bric countries who are collectively at times to challenge the economic supremacy of the developed world our guest today believes that the world's fascination with brakes will be short leave them in fact is almost all over but doesn't necessarily mean the end of the rise of the rest well to discuss that i'm now joined by richard sharma who leads the emerging market team at morgan stanley mr sharma thank you very much for your time now if you break out nations took the
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world by storm it became a best seller almost overnight but i think one of the reasons why it was such a success is because people tend to react to it in a very emotional and almost political way some people in the brics countries stupid as your prediction of the almost immediate demise and some people in the west took it as a promise of the almost immediate recovery but i guess you didn't mean either of that's right i think my point was to sort of speak about the world as i see it and i spoke about some of these brics countries on an individual basis and as i was traveling to radio spaces from brazil to india. i was getting a sense that a sense of complacency is setting in after agreed to make it last decade and that was bound to lead to a slowdown in reforms and so therefore the good traits of these economies were bound to slow down and not to live up to the hyped up expectations so it really is . a on its assessment of what i thought.


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